From November 20 to December 1, Franck Dubarry’s organisation Technopolo will host a tournament which hopes to become the most outstanding and prestigious of the Argentine spring season. Located in the polo capital of the world, General Rodríguez, Technopolo prepares to host a unique event in a spectacular setting.

“The club is beautiful, one of the most attractive in the region between Pilar and General Rodriguez, and the fields are good and safe,” states Dubarry. “We work hard to take care of every aspect that we think might be important at a 5 star club.”

“I wanted to open it up to give the place a better image and invite more players to come this way,” continues Dubarry. “I want to share my place during the season, give it the promotion it deserves, and let people get to know it more. I think it is something that gives polo more life; play gets better when it involves different people, changing players and level. So, one day we can play with people from La Dolfina o La Irenita in a 20+ goal level, and on the other hand host a level between 10 and 12 goals, which is the tournament handicap. I enjoy both levels and they offer very different ways of playing polo.”

“At Technopolo we are proud to have a base of chukkas that are important for patrons; the fields are incredible and we play often. We merged our club with La Irenita, with the Mac Donoughs; we have achieved an important level of play. We play every day during the season. I am very happy to be able to play there with Pablo and Matias and all our friends from Pilar.”

This 2017 edition of the Technopolo tournament will be different from previous ones, and Dubarry has decided to rethink the image of his tournament. He has therefore recruited Manuel Cereceda to help him achieve this. “I have known Manu for a long time now,” tells Dubarry. “I have watched him grow in his own company; he is well respected for what he does and for the way he works. He is a person who delivers on his promise. We had a few meetings in Argentina and he promised to do things that I like. I also admire what he has achieved with Thai Polo. Technopolo has a lot of potential in terms of club image, and I think Manu is the perfect person to help us realise our goals.”

The best players in the world have graced the fields of Technopolo. In 2012, the whole La Dolfina team took part in an exhibition there; on one team, Adolfo Cambiaso and Pelon Stirling (together with Ernesto Gutiérrez and Matías Magrini), and on the other, Pablo Mac Donough & Juan Martín Nero (alongside Franck Dubarry and Matías Mac Donough).

Talking about what can happen off the field, Dubarry states: “We always have a Seventh Chukka at Technopolo. One of the most important things in polo is spending time together after the game; I don’t like it when people rush off after a practice or a game. We exert a lot of energy during the game and it is nice to be able to relax together afterwards. I like to see people hanging around, enjoying a bite to eat, and having fun. There will be a big party after the game, and we hope everyone has a good time.”

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