On August 10, the Spokane Polo Club located in Spokane, Washington, hosted the 13th Annual Cobra Polo Classic benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of the Inland Northwest. The RMHC of the Inland Northwest has provided temporary lodging, comfort and support for families with children accessing medical services in Spokane for over 30 years. This fantastic event raises over $500,000 each year for the RMHC Inland Northwest’s children and families through donations, auction items and ticket sales. Over 1,200 members of the local community attended and donated to the cause. It was a beautiful day; miraculously clear of smoke (due to local forest fires), with big hats, cocktails, amazing food, a divot stomp and of course, polo.

Crowd at Spokane Polo Club 13th Annual Cobra Polo Classic.
Crowd at Spokane Polo Club 13th Annual Cobra Polo Classic.

This event has been carefully crafted to highlight polo’s best and most unique traditions for all of the attendees. After a thrilling skydive to kick things off, women in their finest Sunday polo hats paraded around the field, escorted by players from both teams. A lovely pair of pearl earrings were donated by the Jewelry Design Center were given to Val Wilkerson, who was recognized as having the best hat at the event. As the crowd stood for the National Anthem, Catlin Dix carried the flag aboard her mare, Hippy Lady, down the sidelines and through the goal posts before heading back toward the tents and coming to a sliding stop inches from the crowd.

action at Spokane Polo Club

Before long the match was underway, Itron (Weston Rogers, Jason Larvik, Segundo Lalor, TJ Elordi) against Washington Trust Bank (Suzy Dix, Cody Dix Harris, Coki Sanchez-Duggan, Mike Mortimer). Two quick goals from Washington Trust Bank’s Suzy Dix and Mortimer, put them on the board with an early lead. Rogers, playing in his first Cobra Classic, was eager not to be shut out, adding one to the board for Itron at the end of the first chukker. Players were enthusiastic and eager in the second chukker, with each trading goals, going into halftime with Washington Trust ahead 4-3.

Halftime brought the 1,200 attendees onto the polo field for a champagne divot stomp, looking for the Golden Horseshoe, in the hopes of winning tickets to the next RMHC event. As the crowd cleared the field, players returned for the third chukker.  Washington Trust was unstoppable with mother-son duo Suzy Dix and Cody Dix Harris along with Mortimer were all on fire adding three goals to their score, completely shutting Itron out of the third chukker. As the clock ticked down, Itron’s Larvik and Lalor added two more goals to the board and worked with teammates Elordi and Rogers to stave off the many goal attempts from Washington Trust. However, Itron’s rally came too late and when the final horn sounded, Washington Trust Bank was up by two to take home the 2017 Cobra Classic Trophy.

“Over three decades it is safe to say that things have changed. The hairstyles, music, clothes and even the Ronald McDonald House logo have all evolved. What has not changed in our community is the love that built the house 30 years ago. The Inland Northwest is a special place and the ongoing support of the house to ensure that families can stick together during difficult times proves as much. Thank you, Spokane and the surrounding region for the years of love and support you have shown Ronald McDonald House Charities.”  – Ronald McDonald House Charities

With yet another successful Cobra Classic in the books, the Spokane Polo Club is proud to continue to host the most successful polo charity event in the Northwest and contribute to their community.

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