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International Intercollegiate Challenge Cup this weekend

The Fifth Annual International Intercollegiate Challenge Cup between USPA Intercollegiate/Interscholastic (I/I) vs Schools & Universities Polo Association (SUPA) will be played this weekend as part of the same event as The Townsend Cup.

Director of I/I Amy Fraser said, “The tradition we have been carrying on with our sister programme SUPA is such a unique event, bringing together not only players from different countries, but also provides a chance for players from across our nation to compete together. It optimizes what polo is in the world, allowing players the opportunity to represent their university, the I/I program, the USPA and their country, which is very special.”

Nigel Mercer, Manager SUPA Universities said, “I totally agree with Amy’s comments and I think that giving students the opportunity to play in tournaments overseas not only broadens their horizons, they also meet other players and friendships are forged that last a lifetime. It also brings our sister organisations together and I hope that we can maintain this strong relationship well into the future.”

The USA I/I team will play SUPA Britain on 15 January at 3.30pm ET at the WestWorld Arena in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the Barrett-Jackson car auction. The game will be live streamed on For more information, or to purchase tickets, please click here.

In other news, it has just been announced that 8 goaler Jonny Good will be replacing Chris Hyde in the England line-up for The Townsend Cup which will be played on Saturday 14 January. Jonny will be lining up alongside Max Charlton and Ed Banner-Eve to take on Tommy Biddle Jnr., Shane Rice and Jared Sheldon.


International Intercollegiate Challenge Cup teams:

SUPA Britain: Robin Omerod, Capt. (University of Bristol), Sam Boreham (Nottingham Trent), Minnie Kerr-Dineen (Nottingham University) & Toby Small (R.A.U Cirencester)

USPA I/I: Jillian Tietje (Cal Poly), Dalton Woodfin (Texas A&M), Team USPA member Julia Smith (University of Virginia) & Liam Palacios (Cornell)


Photograph: Teams line-up at Rugby Polo Club for 2014 International Test Series – SUPA and USPA Intercollegiate/Interscholastic have a long-standing relationship. By Peter James Photography/ 


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