In the middle of the busy season in Europe, with tournaments being in the serious stages in England, France and Spain, the Argentine spring season is already taking shape with exciting tournaments: some new, others traditionals.

Among the highlights, is the confirmation of the 4th edition of the Thai Polo Cup Argentina, the most important patron´s tournament of the season. With 4 months in
advance, 16 teams between 12 and 14 goals are already confirmed to take part of the successful event held at the facilities of Thai Polo Club Argentina, in Pilar.

Thai Polo Cup Argentina will be ready to roll on Monday, November 6th; the big and expected final will be due on November 16 with unmissable live shows and activities for the entire family. Among the teams in participation, are 2016 title holders La Bien Mirada, the local Thai Polo and a bunch of new teams such as Thai Polo Open Champion 2017 (Thailand), La Familia.

As it happened in the three previous editions, the tournament´s presentation and official launching will take place at La Martina´s flagship store in Buenos Aires on November 6th, where all the teams will be presented with their jerseys.

Universal Assistance will be Thai Polo Cup Argentina main sponsor, and will be joined by first class parteneires such as Lozaliza and La Martina. Minuto Siete and Licere PR will be the organizers for the fourth consecutive year.

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