The Thai Polo Cup Argentina resumed on Monday with the semifinals of three of the four cups in play: Universal Assistance, Localiza and La Martina.

This means that Wednesday’s finals have been decided. The semifinals of the main cup are due on Tuesday, while the final and subsidiary finals will be held on Thursday.

Monday’s results:
Universal Assistance Cup:
Cibao La Pampa 9-6.5 Mandala
Sealink 10-6 Mumbai El Paisano
Localiza Cup:
Golden Falcons 10-7.5 F Polo Team
Los Nocheros 9-8 EG Chocomakers
La Martina Cup:
Thai Polo 6-7 La Victoire
Power Horse 5-7 Mindanao

The Thai Polo Cup Argentina resumes on Tuesday with the main semis:

4pm: La Ensenada vs Altamira
La Ensenada: Ernesto Gutiérrez 0, Patricio Ulloa 2, Juan Martín Zubía 6, Jerónimo del Carril 6. Total: 14.
Altamira: Adriano Agosti 0, Mariano Aguirre Paz 1, Pepe Heguy 7, Gastón Laulhé 6. Total: 14.

5pm: Real Time vs La Vanguardia
Real Time: Ricardo Jara 1, Manuel Crespo 7, Matias Vial 6, Gonzalo Bello 0. Total: 14.
La Vanguardia SG: Willem Melchior 0, Ezequiel Dupont 4, Felipe M. Ferrario 5, Gaston Beguerie 5. Total: 14.

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