The Thai Polo Open resumed today at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club for the last stage of the qualifiers games. Two great matches took place on field 3.

Royal Pahang and Axus kicked off the match day. The Malaysian team’s two professional players, Matias Vial and Tomás Fernández Llorente, had a very good performance. Consequently, Royal Pahang ended up winning the game by 9.5-8.
The Thai Open is one of the tournaments that compose the RMPA League (Royal Malaysian Polo Association), therefore each victory is important as it defines the position of each team on the ranking of this league.

According to the previous results of the matches, Thai Polo must obtain a win to secure a spot on final of the tournament. The locals faced the Malaysian team, who is also getting ready for the play-offs of the FIP World Championship. This was a tough game for the locals, who started into the last chukka with a difference of a half goal behind Malaysia. But thanks to some great runs by Agustin Garcia Grossi and solid teamwork, Thai Polo won by 7-4.5.

Thai Polo Open’s big final is due on Saturday and features different activities, many of them related to equestrian disciplines.
Polo-wise, the game order will be as follows:
TBA: Round Robin between Royal Pahang, Axus and Malaysia
4pm: Big Final: Thai Polo vs La Familia

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