The Thai Polo Open resumed with another fantastic matchday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club. After the results of the day, the teams will have to wait till Thursday to determine the two finalists.

In teh first turn, the local Thai Polo faced Axus, who was looking for a win in order to continue in the tournament. It was a balanced game, where Axus started scoring but the good level of Thai Polo didn’t let them had a big advantage till both teams ended tied on 7. In the final minutes, a very good play from Diego Gomez, let Dario Musso score the last goal that gave the victory to Axus by 8-7.

Later on, La Familia was trying to recover from the beat suffered the day after against Thai Polo. But a powerful Royal Pahang lead the game with 5 over 1.5 starting the second period. La Familia had some good penalty shots thay allowed them to be just half goal behind. It was thanks to a goal by Adrien Le Gallo that La Familia reached the coveted win (6.5-6) to have the opportunity to be in the definition.

Thai Open will resume on Thursday with the last matches that will define the finalists:
2.30pm: Axus vs Royal Pahang
4pm: Thai Polo vs Malaysia

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