The traditional Torneo Nacional de Menores AAP, sponsored by Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, reached its final stage on Sunday, April 2. The 25 teams in participation are split into 4 categories; Seniors, Juniors, Minis and Mini-Minis attended the event with great enthusiasm.

After a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the Alfredo Lalor fields at Pilar, the subsidiary winners came up, and on Sunday the semis and finals of three categories (Seniors, Juniors and Minis) took place in Palermo.

– The final results were as follows:

Seniors: Indios Chapaleufú II 7, Tortugas 1.

Juniors: Capilla del Señor Martindale 7, Centauros La Maroma 3.

Minis: Sol de Agosto La Mariana 11, La Matera 0.

Mini Minis: Cría Yatay V8 superó a Indios Chapaleufú II y Patagones La Irenita por 2-0 y 5-0, respectivamente.

– Winning teams:

SENIORS – Indios Chapaleufú II: Silvestre Heguy, Antonio Heguy, Cruz Heguy y Luke Wiles.

JUNIORS – Capilla del Señor Martindale: Justo Llorente, Franz Spurgin, Felipe Bargalló y Nicolás de Rosas.

MINIS – Sol de Agosto La Mariana: Dante Castagnola, Lorenzo Chavanne, Paco de Narváez y Rufino Merlos.

MINI MINIS – Cría Yatay V8: Pedro Chavanne, León Donoso, Rufino Laulhé y Artemio Figueras.
– Results of Saturday’s Subsidiary finals:

Seniors Rincón Alto 4, P. El Caburé 1.

Juniors: La Aguada 2, La Sofía 0.

Minis: Los Machitos Polo de Fuchi 4, El Milagro 2.
Source: AAP.
Ph: AAP / Luciano Scapino

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