The Punta del Este Polo & Country Club prepares to host the 64th Open Polo NVOLVEMENT Uruguay with seven teams.

From January 4, will open the Uruguayan Open that will have its end of 12 from 16 and 18 hours on the courts of the club located on Route No. 10, 172,100 km.

In this edition of the event, the teams of Dole, Yellow Rose, Las Sierras and La Paloma, in Serie A, and Punta del Este Polo & Country Club, Yellow Rose – El Carmen and Carmelo in the B series will play.

Tournament: 64th Open Polo Uruguayan
Club: Polo Club Punta del Este
Date: January 4 to 12
Handicap: 18
WPT Challenge:


Yellow rose 16
Federico Lidner 1
Duck Cieza 5
Mauricio Sanchez 4
Martin Tassara (h) 6
Dole 17
Bernardo de Lisa 1
Matias Carrique 4
Horacio Fernandez Llorente 6
Gerardo Mazzini 6
The saws 12
Federico Arocena 1
About Me 3
Valentin Martinez 2
Adrian Laplacette 6
Dove eleven
Carlos Lafluf 1
Robert Mailhos 2
Alexis Boismenu 2
Martin Garrahan 6


Punta del Este P & CC 17
Carlos Mariano Alvarez 1
Jota Adrogue 1
Marcos Araya 7
Ignacio Heguy Referring to Fig.
Yellow Rose-El Carmen fifteen
Carlos Rodriguez Sañudo 1
Mauricio Arocena 2
Javier Cabrera 5
Lucas James 7
Carmel eleven
Ignacio Viana 1
Guillermo Rey 3
Guillermo Bessozi 4
Felipe Paradella 3


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