The dull, grey sky and melancholy weather is probably the most preferable to lounge around and doing nothing for a lazy weekend, but for the Beach Polo is another story. Despite all the efforts of preparations many weeks ahead with some serious study about weather condition; however, unexpected things do happen all the time.

The perfect chosen day for beach polo turned out to be a stormy and rainy day and what comes to the worse was the weather forecast was expected raining all day long, but so what? The show must go on and the only last thing to do was to have faith and pray, and so did our organisers.

Miraculously, when hope was just about to fade away, the sun was shining in the afternoon, right just before the event started. The Beach Polo Asian Championship 2017, organised by B Grimm and Intercontinental Hua Hin kicked off with Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, former deputy prime minister resided over for an opening ceremony followed by 62 local horses school band from Hua Hin paraded along the town.

For this year, the Hua Hin Beach polo added a little excitement ,unlike previous years; barrel racing was introduced for the first time and there heard the “;Ohs and Wows” from the audience all along the show. However, what was really exciting was not just the show but the actual Beach Polo Game.

The wet and wild race between Thai and German team went vividly with both teams trying to compete for score and perform their best, and apart from this, riders also had to race against time and the weather condition if they don’t want to get swept away from the tide when it comes up.

Meanwhile, back ups from both countries were cheering on the side of the beach, while, some freshen up themselves with a drink while intensely locking their sight on the game right until the end, with Germany scored 6 and Thailand 4.5, making Germany the winner for this year of The Beach Polo Asian Championship 2017.

To cool off the heat from the weather and the race, the attention from the audience then turned to something soft like local horse racing and fashion show on the horse back, modelled and worn the Polo Ralph Lauren costumes by Thai celebrities and The Beach Polo Asian Championship 2017 beautifully ended with the Princess Pa Cup awarded to the German team.

Knowing that the game is over but the day hasn’t yet ended, despite the sun has set but under a Victorian night at the Grand Ballroom Intercontinental Blu port, the evening shone bright with live music and the night has wrapped up with the auction for painting and polo mallets which the local artists displayed their artworks and gets charitable auctioned by someone with a good heart, all profit will go to Kamlangjai Project and Princess Pa Foundation.

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