The European high-goal season is around the corner, and some of the best polo destinations are getting ready for an intensely competitive year – and Paris won’t be the exception. Bagatelle will not be the only French location hosting polo this 2017; neighbour Sainte Mesme is preparing an exciting tournament, where different organizations will warm up for the summer season.

Sainte Mesme is one of the leading polo organizations in France, providing world-class facilities, and they are set to host an event from July 6 to 9, which includes far more than just polo.

The tournament will be rated from 6 to 10-goals. The order of play will be as follows:
-Thursday 6 – Penalties Tournament: The winner will earn a “bonus” point for the final standings.
Friday 7 to Sunday 9: Tournament.

The matches will be overseen by with professional umpires and Professor Eduardo Amaya will offer polo lessons during the 4 day event.

An asado will be organised on Friday, and a Party will be held on Saturday. Each team will have the possibility of inviting guests. The team that manages to invited the largest number of guests will earn a “bonus” point for the final standings.

Sainte Mesme’s Robert Strom, said: “The idea is to play between 6 and 10 goals, and to give a handicap advantage; at that time, in July, some players prefer to play lower goal tournaments and others more than 10 goals. Our main objective is to organise a fun event and a friendly weekend in Sainte Mesme, which is really beautiful. We want to have fun and host asados, parties, everything to ensure we have a great time.”

“July is a good time to play in France as it is just before everyone leaves to St. Tropez, Deauville or any other place in August. Paris hosts a lot of polo during May and June, and there is also Chantilly, which is very competetive. In July you can give your horses a break and get ready for August; what we want to do is organise polo for friends and have fun.”

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