This Monday, 16, were played on the premises of the Argentine Polo Association in Pilar, among other parties, the finals of the Metropolitan Championship of Low Handicap in all its versions.

For the Open, La Natividad overcame by 10-9 to La Aguada Why Not, in extra chukker with goal of gold of Bartolome Castagnola (h), whereas the Subsidiaria of the Open went for Martindale Velay that defeated without impediments 13-7 to The Aguada El Molino
The Nativity

The Nativity (14): Nicanor Esaín 2, Ignacio Velasco Gallo 2, Bartolomé Castagnola (h) 6 and Santiago Stirling 4.

The Aguada Why Not (14): Hana Grill 0, Julio Zavaleta 3, Tomás Pieres 7 and Simón Crotto 4.

Progression The Nativity: 1-1, 2-1, 4-2, 7-6, 9-7, 9-9, and 10-9.

Subsidiary (Open)

Martindale Velay (14): Benjamín Mignaquy 2, Juan Lalor 3, Felipe Miguens 4 and Pedro Gutiérrez O`Farrell 5.

La Aguada El Molino (11): Mariano Bosch 0, Max Pistone 1, Manuel Toccalino 6 and Juan Pedro Harriet 4.
Martindale Velay

In the Handicap, the Champion was El Milagro, who in a great game, he superbly adjusted 14-13 Tortugas El Abrojito, and was crowned BiCampeon, since last year, with the same training also became Champion. The Subsidiary of the Handicap was for St. Helena who won 14-12 to the Jockey Club Gordo Dule.
The miracle

The Miracle (14): Federico Tomasevich 1, Alejandro Pistone 3, Santiago Solari 6 and Fermín Iturrioz 4.

Tortugas El Abrojito (13): Alejandro Agote (h) 2, Segundo Saravi Cisneros 1, Santiago Blaquier (h) 3 and Alejandro Agote 7.

Progression The Miracle: 5-4, 7-4, 9-6, 11-8, 13-11 and 14-13.

Subsidiary (Handicap)

Santa Elena (12): Juan C. Gramajo 3, Román Iriarte 3, Segundo Caimi 3 and Juan M. Gramajo 3.

Jockey Club Gordo Dule (13): Estanislao Abelenda 3, Juan Dulevich 3, Franco Veronesi 3 and Edmundo Donnelly 4.



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