The weather was almost too hot to handle on Sunday at Saint Tropez Polo Club. Matches in both categories (10 & 15 goals) saw certain teams qualify to the next stages of the tournament, but at the same time the 15-goal became more open, after 21st Luxury got a very important win against Marquard Media.


Dark Ice 10.5-11 Cibao La Pampa
Cibao La Pampa keeps improving in this Polo Masters/Open de Gassin. A new win means they are now very close to qualifying for the semis.

Score Cibao La Pampa: (0-1.5) 3-2.5, 6-5.5, 9-8.5, 11-10.5.

La Bien Mirada 4-7 VT Wealth Management
A similar situation for VT Wealth Management, who knew that beating La Bien Mirada would be a great step forward. They gave a good performance and now await their next rival.

Score VT Wealth Management: 2-0, 4-1, 6-3, 7-4.

21st Luxury 10-9 Marquard Media
21st Luxury needed a win to stay in the competition. It was a really tight game, going into extra chukka. After overcoming Marquard Media’s attack, 21st Luxury got the win; they will now face ERG in the quarter finals.

Score 21st Luxury: 1-0, 2-4, 4-5, 6-7, 9-9,10-9..

Antelope 11-10 Pull Love
After a couple of unexpected results, this was a very important match. If Pull Love won, the six participating teams would be in the same position in the standings. But, if Antelope were victorious, they would automatically earn a spot in the semis. The game very even until the fourth chukker, when Antelope outscored their opponents 4-1. Pull Love made a good comeback in the last, but it wasn’t enough to tie the game. Nacho Kennedy lead his team once again, scoring four times for Antelope.

Score Antelope: 1-3, 3-3, 6-6, 10-7, 11-10.

The Polo Masters/Open de Gassin will resume on Tuesday:

10am, 8-10 goal category: Las Plantas vs Villa a Sesta
11am, 8-10 goal category: St Tropez/Sea Breeze vs Antelope
5pm, 12-15 goal category: ERG vs 21st Luxury
6:30pm, 12-15 goal category: Marquard Media vs Pull Love

Picture Gallery:
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (15): 21st Luxury vs Marquard Media
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (15): Antelope vs Pull Love
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (10): Cibao La Pampa vs Dark Ice
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (10): VT Wealth Management vs La Bien Mirada

Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (15): Fixture & Teams
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (10): Fixture & Teams

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