With the aim of achieving a more dynamic show, easier to play and direct, more attractive for the spectator and less dangerous for players and their mounted, the Asociación Argentina de Polo incorporates various modifications to the regulation.

The proposed changes are as follows:

Rules of the game

1) Remove the lock.

The rule that stipulates that two players on one side can not go against one of the rest, establishes hand-to-hand duels and ensures that the rest of the players uncheck to look for the pass. In this case, the rival player who is closest to the one who has or goes to the ball will be untouchable, that is, he can not be marked or blocked by anyone.

2) Remove throw-ins from tables.

When the ball goes out on the sidelines, the team will replace the team that did not throw the ball out. The judge shall place the ball within 5 yards of the board, at the height where it left. Opponents must be within 30 yards of the ball. If the opponent is not at that distance, he must let it play.

The game will resume quickly, without the referee whistling or the clock to stop.

IMPORTANT: To determine who threw the ball out, the horse is a continuation of the player’s body.

NEWS: The team that drives the ball outside in an offensive situation, will have 8 seconds to rearrange before the rival set makes the resumption of the game. On the other hand, in a defense situation , when the pitcher leaves the field limits within 60 yards, the quartet that regains possession will do so at the 60-yard point.

3) Eliminate slow play.

At various times, players slow down without intention of playing but looking for foul play, a game that ends up being dangerous for players and assembled and annoying to the public.

In that situation, the referee must warn the player who does it, that he / she detaches itself from the ball, with the word “PLAY”.Failure to do so in 5 seconds will be charged foul and will be considered a possession possession to the team that did not have the ball.

4) England rule known as Off-Side, to eliminate the return to the court for 30 yards.

5) After the first bell, it will continue playing even if the ball touches the tables.

Before 30 seconds of the second bell, the chukker will finish only with a goal, foul or when the ball goes off the court.

6) No foul will be charged in cases where the ball is first reached and the line crossed with distance and / or without risk.

Rules to improve discipline and take care of the physical integrity of assemblers and players

1) Yellow Cards.

The acts of indiscipline and the dangerous plays will be penalized with yellow card. The player who receives a second yellow card in the match, must leave the court for 2 (two) minutes.

2) You will not be able to search for “cover” penalties for 30 yards.

Rules for improving the duration of matches

It will be sought that the encounters have few “cuts” and a duration propitious to maintain the attention of the spectators.

1) Change the playing time.

The chukkers will be 6 minutes and 30 seconds net until the first bell. Behind her, a maximum of 30 seconds shall be played or until a goal is scored, foul foul or the ball goes out.

2) Vary the number of chukkers at the Hurlingham Open Club.

Turtles and Palermo will continue to play 7 and 8 chukkers, respectively; while in Hurlingham the number of periods will fall from 8 to 7, except in the final, which will continue to be played for 8 periods.

3) Set a time to execute the penalties.

The player will only have 20 seconds to execute the foul, after the judge gives the order.

4) Limit time for injuries.

The time to restart the game for a player’s injury will be 5 (five) minutes maximum. That is why the substitute must be ready in the palenque and can enter temporarily until the injured owner can return. The change can only be made when authorized by the judge.

5) Horse changes.

If an equine is VISIBLY injured, the judge can stop the clock to authorize the variant. That horse can not play again in any way. If he returns, the team will lose the points immediately.

In the case of a cut, the horse can leave, be cured and return to play.

6) The time between chukkers will be 3 (three) minutes maximum.

7) Limit the time after the definition of the finals

It will be obligatory for the players, to get rid of their mounted ones directly in the podium, nor finalize the parties that have distributions of prizes.

Ranking System and Objectives

The 10 teams that compete in the 124th Open of Hurlingham and Palermo will integrate a general table in which each of the sets will receive 150 points per game won in Palermo and 100 in the event that the match corresponds to the Hurlingham Open.

In the definitions of the tournaments will double the score, that is, by disputing the Hurlingham final each team will add 100 points, while the win will get another 100 extras. In Palermo it will be identical, but adding 150.

After the end of the maximum world polo competition, the formations that are located are positions 9 and 10 will lose the benefit of playing the Triple Crown 2018 automatically.

Meanwhile, the champion of the tournament for the Chamber of Deputies Cup will face the 8th. of the general table for a place in the Triple Crown 2018, in the Promotion meeting, which will take place a few days after the Palermo Open.

If the Champion of the House obtains the pass to the Triple Crown 2018 and counts in its rows with a player of 4 or 5 valorisation goals, that polista will immediately rise to 6 to dispute that class of tournaments.

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