Following yesterday’s washout of matches due to torrential rain, the Polo Office brilliantly rescheduled all the games today so that the league matches concluded today as scheduled.  Plenty of drama and surprise wins and unfortunately some injuries too.

Rodrigo Andrade (RH)

First up was RH Polo v La Bamba de Areco.  RH confirmed their dominance of League Two beating La Bamba 11-7 in a game at the Black Bears ground. This means they are unbeaten and have earned an automatic qualification into Wednesday’s semi-final.

Rodrigo Rueda-Adolfo Cambiaso

Next up was El Remanso v Monterosso Polo Team at Coworth Park.  Charlie Hanbury’s boys narrowly won this contest 14-13 to take second spot in League One. They now go into Saturday’s semi-finals knockout stages where they face King Power Foxes.

Gonzalo Pieres -Hilario Ulloa

Top Srivaddhanaprabha and his King Power Foxes had an unexpected defeat over Corinne Riccard’s Murus Sanctus, also played at Coworth Park. Murus Sanctus registered an 8-7 win over the 2015 winners of the Cartier Queen’s Cup, which lifted them to second place, behind RH Polo, in League Two.

The final game of the day – La Indiana v Sommelier – played at Manor Farm in Sussex, was full of drama. Sommelier, definitely the underdog in this contest, ran out the winners 10-3. La Indiana had done enough already though and automatically qualify for the semi-finals as they finish top of league one. However this game was marred by injury with La Indiana’s Luke Tomlinson retiring hurt in the second – he was replaced by La Indiana’s team manager Ruki Baillieu. Then Tincho Merlos collided with umpire Charles Seavill and also had to retire. His place was taken by his nephew Juan Cruz Merlos. Sommelier’s Juan Gris Zavaleta also had to take some time out for an injury and so this game finished much later than planned.

Adolfo Cambiaso (RH)

So the results of the league matches are:

League One:

  1. La Indiana
  2. El Remanso
  3. Talandracas
  4. Sommelier
  5. Monterosso

League Two:

  1. RH Polo
  2. Murus Sanctus
  3. King Power Foxes
  4. Sifani
  5. La Bamba

Saturday 10 June – Cartier Queen’s Cup Semi-Final Knockout matches

12 noon at Les Lions    El Remanso v King Power Foxes   –  the winner of this game will play RH Polo

3pm at Guards Polo Club  Murus Sanctus v Talandracas  –  the winner of this game will play La Indiana.

Sunday 11 June Cartier Trophy Subsidiary Semi-Final Knockout Games 

12noon  ground TBC:   Sommelier v La Bamba de Areco

3pm       ground TBC:  Sifani v Monterosso

All matches will be streamed live via PoloLine TV.

To see all the teams and results click here

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