Between Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 the second date of the Camara de Diputados Cup was held at the Alfredo Lalor venue of the Argentine Polo Association in Pilar.

There are 16 teams from the tournament distributed in 4 zones and the winners of each will go to Semifinals.

The ONA Navy: Christopher Mackenzie, Juan Cruz Merlos, Juan Ignacio Merlos, Sebastian Merlos. Photo Pite Merlos

On Tuesday the 14th it was the turn of Zones 1 and 4.

For Zone 1, Alegría achieved her first victory in the tournament by beating Las Monjitas 13-12, while Pilarchico La Ensenada won 10-7 at Tortugas Etiqueta Negra and also got her first win.

It is the most even zone, where all teams have a victory and a defeat.

For Zone 4, Nativity II outnumbered HB Centaurs by 12-11 and has two victories, for HB Centaurs it was their second setback. In the other match of the zone, the surprising La Irenita gave an 11-7 score to Namuncura and also achieved its second win. In the last date they will define among them the Semifinalist. Notable campaign of the young people of La Irenita, who with 24 goals comfortably raffled the Qualification for the Tournament and now they are able to define the Zone.

La Irenita: Santiago Loza, Martin Podesta (h), Facundo Fernandez Llorente, Hector Jacinto Crotto (h). Photo La Irenita

On Wednesday the 15th it was the turn of Zones 2 and 3.

For the 3, La Mariana ONA comfortably beat Jockey Club La Condal by 14-8 and is the only one in the area with two wins, for the Jockey was his second defeat. In the other game La Cañada Angiocor, with the return of Agustin Merlos, achieved his first victory against La Mancha Chapa Uno by 18-13. In the last game La Mariana will face La Mancha.

For Zone 2, Chapaleufú Biopolo beat Trenque Lauquen 8-5 and became the only unbeaten in the area, as La Ensenada, recovered from its initial setback, and defeated La Dolfina PBEC 11-8 giving it its first defeat . In the last match, Chapaleufú will face La Dolfina PBEC and La Ensenada against Trenque Lauquen.

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