The Thai Polo Club Ladies International for The Diamond Jubilee Trophy

Swarovski England Ladies beat Llangollen USA Ladies at Guards Polo Club

On Saturday 23 July, the Swarovski England Ladies team triumphed in their match against the Llangollen USA Ladies team at Guards Polo Club.

The Swarovski England Ladies polo team, sporting bespoke Armis helmets created by milliner Emily London and Swarovski, adorned with precision-cut Swarovski crystals and Baxendale hand-embellished rose fabric, that were presented to them two days before, were victorious in their fast-paced match against the Llangollen USA Ladies on Coronation Cup Day, winning 8-3 to claim the coveted Diamond Jubilee Trophy. Following the match, England’s Hazel Jackson was named Swarovski’s Most Valuable Player. The test match marked the first time that ladies teams have competed on Royal Salute Coronation Cup Day, the most prestigious annual international polo day in the world.
Both teams rode onto the ground in the pouring rain, with everything to play for. This was the second time the teams have faced each other in as many months and the Swarovski England Ladies team didn’t disappoint, battling against the courageous Llangollen Ladies. The British ladies took control of the match from the first chukka, with captain Nina Clarkin racing up and down the field, scoring goal after goal. She was ably support by the Swarovski Most Valuable Player award winning Hazel Jackson whose defensive plays were second to none. The Llangollen Ladies team captain Kristy Outhier was everywhere doing everything, but her and her team’s efforts couldn’t counteract the British strength.
The McGregor’s grey mare Jess, played by Nina Clarkin in the first and last chukkas, was the lucky winner of the Polo Times Best Playing Pony Award.
Swarovski is sponsoring the England Ladies team for the 2017 season to celebrate the inspirational players, whose strength, grace and precision reflect the values of the brand. As the popularity of women’s polo increases, Swarovski is proud to shine a light on women’s empowerment as part of its mission to promote women’s sport.
The Thai Polo Club Ladies International for The Diamond Jubilee Trophy Teams:
Swarovski England Ladies (26): Izzy McGregor (4), Sarah Hughes (4), Hazel Jackson (8) & Nina Clarkin (10 – Capt)
Llangollen USA Ladies (26): KC Krueger (7), Kristy Outhier (8 – Capt), Julia Smith (5) & Maureen Brennan (6)
Photograph: The Swarovski England Ladies beat the Llangollen USA Ladies in The Thai Polo Club Ladies International for The Diamond Jubilee Trophy at Guards Polo Club. By ©

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