Polo continues at Saint Tropez Polo Club with the International Polo Cup, the opening tournament of the high season. First up, a 10-goal match, while the afternoon saw two 15-goal games.

The scores were as follows:
10am, Field 2: Lions 9-8 Saint Tropez
Both teams were unbeaten so far, even though this was the second match for the Lions. They scored first, and Pierre Beylat’s team kept the lead for the whole game. Saint Tropez was very close to catching up at times, but Lions found their way to goal and showcased a solid defense. This was the second win for Lions; they now have good chances of qualifying for the final.

Umpire: Alex Roldán.

Score Lions: 4-1, 6-4, 8-5, 9-8.

5pm, Field 3: Pull Love 13-9 Monte Carlo Polo Team
Pull Love have became one of the favourites after what they have shown over their last three matches. They showed solid defense and an effective attack against Monte Carlo Polo Team, and their victory was never under threat. Flaco García Grossi played at a very high level again and well backed by his teammates.

Umpires: Federico Martelli y Esteban Ferrari.

score Pull Love: 4-0, 5-3, 6-4, 9-6, 13-9.

6:30pm, Field 3: F Polo 4.5-5 Antelope
A key challenge; both teams winning two out of two and playing really well in this International Polo Cup. It was a tight and even game with very good defensive level from both teams. Antelope found the way to keep F Polo from scoring over almost three complete chukkers. The match remained open until the last seconds, when Antelope finally scored the winning goal. Despite the final score, both teams qualified for the semifinals.

Umpires: Esteban Ferrari y Federico Martelli.

Score Antelope: (0-0.5) 1-1.5, 2-2.5, 2-2.5, 4-2.5, 5-4.5.

The International Polo Cup will resume Wednesday:
10am, category 8-10 goals: Dark Ice vs Antelope, at Field 4.
6pm, category 12-15 goals: Legacy Polo vs Marquard Media, at Field 1.

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