Tortugas Open – Day 2

La Dolfina vs La Irenita


The third game of the 2017 Tortugas Open saw La Dolfina open their Tortugas Open defence defeating La Irenita 20-6 at Tortugas Country Club.


The four 10-goalers on La Dolfina dominated open play throughout the game, outscoring La Dolfina 17-3 on field goals. The multi-faceted attack of La Dolfina saw all four players score at least four goals each, led by Adolfo Cambiaso with seven goals. Although La Irenita matched La Dolfina from the throw-in line and avoided committing too many fouls, the ability of La Dolfina to turn defence into quick offense was too much for La Irenita throughout the game.


La Dolfina got off to a quick start in the opening chukker, with Cambiaso scoring two goals, with Pablo MacDonough and David Stirling scoring one goal each. A penalty conversion for Matias MacDonough opened the scoring for La Irenita, however two missed shot attempts from the field had La Irenita in an early 4-1 deficit.


Despite missing three penalty attempts in the next two chukkers, La Dolfina continued pressuring the La Irenita defence, shooting at goal nine times in the 2nd and 3rd chukkers, converting six of those attempts to extend their lead to 10-2. La Irenita’s two goals both came from the penalty line as they struggled to get past the impressive team defence from La Dolfina that was displayed throughout the game.


Although La Irenita was trailing 12-4 entering the 5th chukker, La Dolfina gave them an opportunity as they would convert only two of their next nine shot attempts. However, La Irenita was unable to produce enough chances of their own as La Dolfina continued to increase their lead. La Irenita finished shooting 3 for 13 (23%) in the game, while La Dolfina shot at goal 29 times, converting 17 of those attempts to finish with the convincing 20-6 victory.


Cria Yatay vs Ellerstina


The 4th game of the 2017 Tortugas Open saw Ellerstina make an impressive debut in the Triple Crown, finishing with a 15-3 victory over Cria Yatay at Tortugas Country Club.


Ellerstina displayed a dominant team performance winning 12 of the first 14 throw-ins, resulting in the extra possessions needed for Ellerstina to race out to an early lead. Ellerstina took advantage of their opportunities converting 80% of their shots through the first five chukkers, while Cria Yatay was unable to convert the limited chances they had, missing their first seven shot attempts.


After a slow start in the first chukker from both teams, with Ellerstina’s Facundo Pieres scoring the first goal of the game, the second chukker saw Ellerstina break away and open up a big lead. Led by Ellerstina’s newest 10-goaler Nico Pieres, who had three goals in the second chukker, Ellerstina extended their lead to 5-0 as Cria Yatay could not find a way to win possession from the throw-ins and limit the offensive opportunities of their opponents.


That trend continued in the following three chukkers as Ellerstina scored nine unanswered goals using a balanced team attack, highlighted by all four players on Ellerstina scoring one goal each in the 3rd chukker.  Cria Yatay’s Joaquin Pittaluga converted a Safety 60 in the 4th chukker to open the scoring for Cria Yatay but Ellerstina quickly replied with a goal each from Facundo and Polito Pieres to extend their lead to 11-1 with two chukkers remaining.


The efficient 13 for 21 (62%) shooting for Ellerstina, while winning 15 of 21 throw-ins was too much for Cria Yatay, who were unable to convert their chances, shooting 2 for 11 (18%) as Ellerstina finished with the convincing 15-3 victory


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