The opening tournament of the 2017 Argentine Triple Crown, the Tortugas Open, kicked off on Tuesday at the Tortugas Country Club. Many flocked to watch two attractive matches that were played in good weather conditions.

Zone A began on field 4 with the match between La Aguada Las Monjitas (with Triple Crown debutant Alfredo Bigatti replacing Eduardo Novillo Astrada) and La Irenita. The former claimed a 17-8 win. Up next, Alegría (with Facundo Sola playing in pink for the first time) beat Cría Yatay 16-13. It was a tough match, only decided in the last chukka, despite Algeria maintaining a slight advantage throughout.

These scores mean that the semifinals will be the same as last year’s: La Aguada Las Monjitas will face La Dolfina, while Alegría will take on Ellerstina.

La Aguada Las Monjitas 17-8 La Irenita
La Aguada Las Monjitas: Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8 (7 goals, 4 penalties), Alfredo Bigatti 7 (5), Miguel Novillo Astrada 8 (4) and Ignacio Novillo Astrada 8 (1). Total: 31.
La Irenita: Tito Ruiz Guiñazú 8 (2), Juan Gris Zavaleta 8 (2), Corchito Zavaleta 7 (1) and Matías Mac Donough 8 (3 penalties). Total: 31.
Score La Aguada Las Monjitas: 4-1, 8-4, 8-5, 9-5, 11-7, 14-8, 17-8.

Umpires: Esteban Ferrari and Guillermo Villanueva.
Third man: Martín Goti.

Alegría 16-13 Cría Yatay
Alegría: Sapo Caset 9 (4 goals), Hilario Ulloa 10 (9, 4 penalties), Facundo Sola 8 (3) and Fred Mannix 8. Total: 35.
Cría Yatay: Lerín Zubiaurre 7 (2), Magoo Laprida 8 (1), Joaquín Pittaluga 8 (8, 6 penalties and 1 corner) and Iñaki Laprida 8 (2). Total: 31.
Score Alegría: 3-1, 7-3, 8-5, 12-6, 13-8, 14-11 y 16-13.

Umpires: Nicolás Scortichini and Martín Pascual.
Third man: Marcelo López Vargas.

The Tortugas Open will resume next weekend with the following order of play:
Saturday, 3:30pm: La Dolfina vs La Irenita
Sunday, 3:30pm: Ellerstina vs Cría Yatay.

Picture Galleries:
La Aguada Las Monjitas vs La Irenita
Alegría vs Cría Yatay

Tortugas Open: Fixture & Teams



The tournament that will place the four remaining teams in the different pools for the Hurlingham and Palermo Opens begins on Wednesday in Pilar.

The schedule of play will be as follows:
1pm: La Albertina Abu Dhabi vs La Esquina Los Machitos, at field 2.
3pm: Chapaleufú vs LD La Dolfina Polo Ranch, at field 1.

Trofeo Remonta y Veterinaria: Fixture & Teams



Also on Wednesday in Pilar, the Junior Open will begin, with five teams between 16 and 24 goals, only for players below 21 years of age.

One of the participating teams will be Tortugas, champions of the last three editions. On this occasion, Bartolito Castagnola will be playing instead Isidro Strada, who is now over 21.

The opening match will be the following:
3pm: Betania vs Coronel Suárez Magdala (Quarterfinal)

Complete fixture:
Tuesday, September 26th:
Semifinal 1: Quarterfinal winner vs La Mancha (24)
Semifinal 2: Tortugas vs La Natividad

Tortugas: Segundo Bocchino 6, Bartolito Castagnola 6, Juan M. Zubía 6, Jerónimo del Carril 6. Total: 24.
La Mancha: Lucas Díaz Alberdi 6, Mín Podestá 6, Santiago Loza 6, Bautista Bayugar 6. Total: 24.
La Natividad: Jeta Castagnola 4, Gino Ringa 5, Segundo Fernández Llorente 5, Genaro Ringa 6. Total: 20.
Betania: Mariano González (h) 4, Juan Calafell 5, Manuel Calafell 5, Victorino Ruiz Jorba 5. Total: 19.
Coronel Suárez Magdala: Juan Campion (h) 4, Manuel Sundblad 4, Simón Prado 4, Ignacio Garrós 4. Total: 16.

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