Two Texas teams join in the hunt for the Lucchese Vic Graber Cup, the third tournament in the 12 Goal Spring Tournament Series at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.

Lucchese: John Muse A, Remy Muller 3, Agustin Molinas 5, Ignacio del Tour 4

Mokarow Farms: Kevin Mokarow A, Benjamin Panelo 2, Joaquin Panelo 5, Todd Offen 5

Round I

Santiago Trotz (Antelope)

Klentner Ranch defeated Antelope 10-7 in the first round of play. After losing to US Polo Assn. in the final of the Ramsey Asphalt Pope Challenge, Klentner Ranch focused on scoring goals from the field.

Joaquin Panelo (Mokarow Farms)

Mokarow Farms, hailing from Dallas, Texas, faced a tough Farmers & Merchants team for their first match of the tournament. Leigh Brecheen rejoined the team after suffering a fall in the first tournament. Mariano Fassetta came alive for the FMB team, leading them to victory 12-8.

Round II
Klentner Ranch emerged victorious in their second matchup against Farmers & Merchants Bank. After two close chukkers, FMB edged ahead of Klentner Ranch in the third chukker 8-5. Fassetta once again displayed his offensive prowess scoring five of the eight goals in the first half. Viana added two more goals in the fourth chukker, but Klentner Ranch came back with a vengeance scoring four goals in the fourth chukker to minimize the FMB lead to one goal. Bray took off on a scoring streak, scoring four goals for KR in the fifth chukker while holding FMB scoreless. A tight final chukker saw only three goals scored, one for KR and two for FMB, giving Klentner Ranch the win 14-12.

Felipe Vercellino (Antelope)-John Muse (Luccehese)

In the feature match of the day, Lucchese debuted their new team against the tried and true Antelope squad. Jim Wright hit the field ready to secure a win for Antelope. Wright easily outran the competition scoring three goals from the field in the first chukker in addition to a penalty goal by Palmer. Muller put Lucchese on the board, scoring the first goal from the field for his team. Vercellino and Trotz took the reins from Wright in the second chukker, scoring three combined goals to give Antelope a solid 7-1 lead. The tide turned in the third chukker as Molinas and del Tour scored three goals for Lucchese minimizing the margin to 7-4. Once again, the momentum flipped back to Antelope during the fourth. Vercellino added two additional goals, bringing the score to 9-4. Lucchese answered back, sending del Tour on a scoring streak and narrowing the gap down to 10-7. Two goals by each team in the final chukker of play gave Antelope the victory 12-9.

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