USPA ELECTION…please watch video

Dear USPA Members:

On Tuesday, July 18 you will receive a ballot for USPA governor. 
Please take a few minutes to view this unbelievable video before you vote.

I would like to thank the numerous polo clubs and their club delegates for their trust and my nomination as a Governor At Large Candidate.

On Tuesday, July 18, you will receive a ballot for the Governor at Large Election. The USPA Board of Governors is made up of 12 Circuit Governors, 13 Governors at Large, and 4 Executive Members. This is a significantly important election and I respectably request your vote. The future of the USPA depends on it.

I have been a playing member of the USPA for some 27 years and have been involved in the governance of the USPA for over ten years. In addition, I am the founding member of the Boulder Polo Club, club delegate 25 years, two term Circuit Governor, a prior member of the Finance Committee, subcommittee of the Constitution Committee, International Committee, and numerous other exploratory committees, etc.

Over the years I have seen many changes in the USPA. During the last ten years I have led many reform movements fighting for member’s rights, Board of Governor oversight, financial transparency, audited financial reports, membership communication, and workable intelligent USPA programs that produce measurable results for our members.

Thanks in part to our successful licensing programs we have generated over $100,000,000 in revenue over the last decade. With this new wealth comes a great deal of responsibility and stewardship of these funds. We as members need to make the Board more accountable for the vast sums of money spent, some $50,000,000 since 2011 alone! Operating requirements to run the association for 2017 are some $10,025.000 with a minuscule budget earmarked for PDI Club Grants, collegiate development, and youth programs.

As a Governor, I with insist on a strong fiscal review of expenditures with the emphasis on distributing a lot more money to our clubs and youth programs. In my opinion the growth of polo is created organically at the local club level. Our grass root clubs need to receive much more and larger PDI Grants for club development which will produce the polo players of the future. The USPA has spent millions of dollars on programs that don’t work. Let’s stop this wasteful spending and focus on growing our local clubs and youth programs.

Please take your time and don’t be too quick to vote until you speak with some of the candidates on these issues. The future of the USPA depends on it! I encourage you to call me or email me anytime. 303 915 9378.


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