Visa Update

Letter from AAP to FIP

In an open letter seen by Polo Times, that was sent by the Association of Argentine Polo, (AAP) to FIP, it is evident that there are wider and global ramifications of the Home Office’s intended visa restrictions, with the AAP now imposing “reciprocity” treatment to professional foreign players that would like to play polo in Argentina – this of course, includes British players. Whatever your view on the Home Office’s proposed tightening of visas in the UK, it should not come as a surprise that reciprocal treatment is now being extended to our players playing in Argentina… what’s good for the goose…

Our publisher Nick Hine, commented on the visa situation in this month’s Polo Times. “At home, whilst the HPA’s tenacity and assertive dialogue with the Home Office allowed for a temporary delay in the government’s stance on its intended tightening of the immigration rules in polo, this should only be seen as a ‘stay of execution’. So that there is no doubt, currently, the Home Secretary’s position on visas in polo remains largely unchanged – her intended changes will be implemented and soon. This leaves grave concerns for overseas players – and crucially the grooms – being permitted to work in the UK in 2018.
Having studied the situation closely, this should also concern all British players too, as in my view, whether one plays low, medium or high goal polo, the intended new immigration rules will adversely affect British polo – both home and abroad – irreversibly. Bluntly, if overseas grooms and pilotos are not allowed to come to the UK in 2018 and beyond, there will be a vacuum in supply, leading to a spike in demand with a powerful reach affecting all clubs.”
More news on this evolving situation will be commented on in due course.
The following letter was sent to the FIP regarding foreign professional players and their rights to play in Argentina.

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