Wins for Work To Ride–Los Machitos and Phoenix in Silver Cup

On the fields of Greenwich Polo Club, the undefeated Work To Ride–Los Machitos scored their third win of the Silver Cup tournament at Greenwich Polo Club, beating rival Hublot 9-8 on Sunday.

Work to Ride–Los Machitos
Joseph Manheim A
Nick Manifold 4
Mariano Aguerre 9
Mariano Gonzalez 7
*Fancisco Mesa sub for Nick Manifold

Mike Davis A
Marcos Garcia del Rio 5
Tomas Garcia del Rio 8
Tommy Biddle 5

Nick Manifold
Nick Manifold

Both teams scored a goal each in the first chukker, but Hublot maintained a two point lead due to handicap. Successfully converting Marcos Garcia del Rio’s penalty 6, Mariano Gonzalez made the only goal in the second chukker. Gonzalez picked up another penalty 4 conversion in the third, followed closely by teammate Francisco Mera who graciously stepped in as a substitute for Nick Manifold. A single goal from Tomas Garcia del Rio ended the half in a tie.

Tomas Garcia Del Rio and Mariano Gonzalez
Tomas Garcia Del Rio and Mariano Gonzalez

Throughout the second half of the game, Gonzalez and Tommy Biddle engaged each other goal for goal, either unable to make headway. The tie continued ending the fourth 5-5 and the pair mirrored each other’s plays in the fifth. Biddle scored first and Gonzalez answered back with a goal plus a conversion of Marcos Garcia del Rio’s penalty 4. Biddle then promptly converted Mariano Aguerre’s penalty 2, leaving the game to be won or lost in the final chukker. Aguerre picked up the first goal and Gonzalez turned Tomas Garcia del Rio’s penalty 3 into another conversion. Biddle’s final attempt with one last goal could not tie up the sixth, sealing yet another victory for the men of Work To Ride–Los Machitos.

Mike Davis
Mike Davis

Phoenix Victorious Against Postage Stamp Farm

Joao Ganon and Toro Ruiz
Joao Ganon and Toro Ruiz

Rising up from the disappointment of a previous defeat, Phoenix came out victorious against Postage Stamp Farm 9-8 on Sunday’s Silver Cup matchup at Greenwich Polo Club.

Postage Stamp Farm
Shariah Harris A
Kris Kampsen 6
Brandon Phillips 5
Joao Ganon 7

Frank Boccanfuso A
Toro Ruiz 5
Lucas Diaz Alberdi 5
Matias Magrini 8

Brandon Phillips, Matias Magrini, and Lucas Diaz Alberdi
Brandon Phillips, Matias Magrini, and Lucas Diaz Alberdi

Kicking off the first chukker, Joao Ganon put a goal on the board and was immediately answered by Lucas Diaz Alberdi. Matias Magrini swept in and added another goal to give Phoenix an early lead. Responding to the scoreboard with a strong defensive strategy, Postage Stamp Farm prevented Phoenix from making any goals in the second. Magrini’s penalty 6 was converted by Kris Kampsen, tying the game at 2-2. Making up for lost time, Phoenix charged onto the field in the third chukker, adding three consecutive goals to their tally. Brandon Phillips responded with a lone goal for his team, but the horn sounded at halftime with the score set at 5-3 in favor of Phoenix.

Matias Magrini, Kris Kampsen, and Frank Boccanfuso
Matias Magrini, Kris Kampsen, and Frank Boccanfuso

Refreshed and eager to catch up, Kampsen converted Toro Ruiz’s penalty 2 and followed it up with a goal to tie. Toro Ruiz quickly shot back with a penalty 3 conversion of his own, sending a clear message of challenge. Postage Stamp Farm came out hard in the fifth, as Phoenix scored many penalties, but not a single goal. Both of Frank Boccanfuso’s penalties were converted by Phillips and Kampsen, leaving just a one goal gap between the two teams with 7.5 minutes remaining. Phoenix came alive in the sixth, Magrini leading the charge with the first of three goals. Ruiz benefitted from Ganon’s penalty 4 and added a conversion while Alberdi made their final goal. Needing at least two goals to tie, Postage Stamp Farm could only manage one and the game ended 9-8, giving Phoenix their first win of the tournament.

Don Ercole Tanya played by Toro Ruiz was selected as Best Playing Pony & Toro Ruiz himself was selected as Most Valuable Player.

Phoenix will go head to head with Hublot on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 11:00 am.

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