The Thai Polo Team achieved an important win in their way to reach the final of the 2017 Thai Polo Open, which is being held at the same club, in Pattaya, Tailandia. They opened fire against La Familia, a team that arrived to this match winning their two previous games. And it was a very tough clash. Even though the scoreboard was very tight during the 4 chukkers, La Familia was really close to take the win. But the individual talents of the Thai Polo Team ended up turning the match in their favour and claimed a very important victory by 7-6.5.

Up next, Axus played Malaysia National Team. As it happened in the match before, this game took place in field 1, which is now being preserved for Saturday’s final. Axus reached this match after losing against La Familia, but they were favourites for this one. And they were up to the challenge. They outplayed their rivals during the whole game and got a wide 10-4.5 win. On Tuesday they will play a decider against Thai Polo.

The Thai Polo Open will continue on Tuesday with the following order of play:
2:30PM: Thai Polo vs Axus
4:00PM: Royal Pahang vs La Familia

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