Work To Ride–Los Machitos Overcomes Postage Stamp in First Game of USPA Silver Cup

Kicking off the first match up of the 2017 Silver Cup, Work To Ride–Los Machitos came out hard against recent tournament winning team Postage Stamp Farm, defeating them 11-8 on Friday, June 30. After six years in Santa Barbara, the distinguished tournament has come to Greenwich Polo Club with games running until July 16.

Postage Stamp Farm 18
Shariah Harris A (sub for Annabelle Gundlach)
Kris Kampsen 6
Brandon Phillips 5
Joao Ganon 7

Work to Ride–Los Machitos 20
Joseph Manheim A
Nick Manifold 4
Mariano Aguerre 9
Mariano Gonzalez 7

Mariano Gonzalez and Kris Kampsen. Photo by Chichi Ubina.
Mariano Gonzalez and Kris Kampsen. Photo by Chichi Ubina.

Two points awarded to Postage Stamp Farm due to handicap did not prevent Work To Ride from owning the game from the start. Mariano Gonzalez hit two goals back to back successfully through the goal posts, leveling the teams by the end of the first chukker. Moving into the second, two additional goals would be scored by Work To Ride before Kris Kampsen was able to get the single goal for his team. Hard-hitter Gonzalez followed up with another goal, ending the chukker 5-3. Continuing to decimate the competition, Gonzalez set off a scoring match between himself and Kampsen, as Postage Stamp Farm fought to keep up. Contributing a goal and a penalty 3 conversion caused by Mariano Aguerre, Kampsen’s effort was met by Gonzalez, going into the half 8-5 with Work To Ride in the lead.

Shariah Harris and Joseph Manheim. Photo by Chichi Ubina
Shariah Harris and Joseph Manheim. Photo by Chichi Ubina

Aguerre’s two consecutive goals created an even greater lead, doubling Postage Stamp Farm in the fourth. With the game winding down, Kampsen was the only player keeping Postage Stamp Farm alive, successfully converting Nick Manifold’s penalty 4. He then put another goal on the board, but still could not make a dent in the wide gap separating the two teams. Joe Manheim ended the fifth 11-7 with the stroke of his mallet, not concerned about the outcome of the game. Stepping up to assist, Joao Ganon managed the single goal of the final chukker, signaling the first victory of the tournament 11-8 in favor of Work To Ride–Los Machitos.

Work To Ride–Los Machitos will be challenged by Phoenix on Wednesday, July 5 at 5:00 pm during game two.


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