World Championship (men play-offs) and Ladies European Championship

World Championship (men play-offs) and Ladies European Championship: kick-off at 2pm

8 teams, 32 players men and women, and 176 horses are now installed at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly for a week of top-level competition.

Italy, Germany, England and France will battle for the first European title of the history of ladies polo awarded by the Federation International of Polo, meanwhile Spain, Germany, England and France will battle for the two European tickets to fly to Sydney and play the finale phase of the World Championship in October.

Since the beginning of the week, teams have got to know one another during practices and one thing is certain, the eight opponents are particularly enthusiastic. The first “friendly” confrontation between France and England happened on Saturday… and the quote marks are needed here!

There was also the teams technical meeting this day, lead by Alex Taylor, CEO of the FIP: reminder of the French anti-doping for which all players had to sign a charter, reminder of few rules, final enlistment of horses, introduction of the referees and distribution of the official polos.

The ladies will kick-off the tournaments tomorrow by an encounter between France and Germany, already crucial for the tricolors (Caroline Anier, Léa Siboni, Charlotte Garaud and the youngest, Adèle Renauldon, 16). This first game will be followed by Italy-England and men will start on Monday with a Spain – France (Alexandre Sztarkman, Patrick Paillol, Pierre Henri Ngoumou and Julien Reynes) at 3:30pm after a Germany – England.

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