September has been an intense month for Adolfo Cambiaso, Bob Jornayvaz and the french polo, as many tournaments came to an end in that area, among them it was the Open de France.

The World Polo Tour chose the most outsanding players of the month. The double Cambiaso-Jornayvaz claimed Argentina´s opening tournaments: San Jorge Open and Jockey Club Open with the La Dolfina-Valiente jersey. Thanks to these achievements, Adolfo Cambiaso and Bob Jornayvaz have been recognized as the most outstanings professional and amateur player, respectively.

Among the promises and players that are gradually leaving their mark in the worldwide circuit, there was one that left its seal during September: Rufino Bensadon. With 15 years old, the son of Pancho Bensadon stood out in the Open de France with In The Wings jersey, reaching the final of the tournament in Chantilly and close to cut off the perfect season for Cibao La Pampa, the team of brothers Juan and Jorge Pepa. For these reasons and his fast growing, Rufino Bensadon was chosen by the WPT as the Pick of the Month.

Professional: Adolfo Cambiaso (1°)
Amateur: Bob Jornayvaz (10°)
Pick of the Month: Rufino Bensadon (201°)

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