XI FIP World Polo Championship – Day 1

The XI FIP WORLD POLO CHAMPIONSHIP SYDNEY 2017, organized by the Sydney Polo Club kicked off today surrounded by great anticipation and a high-spirited atmosphere.

The first match day comprised of two games. Firstly, Argentina defeated USA in a very entertaining match. The South American team managed to have a great start taking the lead and finally dominating the match on the third chuka, when the goal difference was broadened, 12 to 5,5. But as unexpected as the sport is, USA scored 4 times on the last two minutes of game, and the final score was 12-9,5.

“Congratulations to Argentina, they played a great game, the kind of game that we were trying to play. They are very sick on their anticipation and they found an open game, they made it look pretty easy. We will watch the games and will work on that, trying to analyze how we can do a better job and try to rebound on Tuesday. I was very encouraged because we never did quit, we came back really well during the last chukka, and we will carry on like this on our next game” stated the coach of the USA team, Joel Baker.

Australia vs. Spain (Photo courtesy of USPAGL by Marcos Cerdeira for PoloLine)
During the second match, things got a little more emotional. Australia and Spain played head to head throughout all chukkas, and finally the locals defeated the European team in the supplementary period. During the last chukka, it seemed that Spain was going to get its first victory, when the scoreboard marked 9-7. But the locals were relentless, and with the support of their audience that cheered them up and stood by them, they tied the match and finally, in the supplementary chukka, managed to score the golden goal.

The kickoff day also featured an entertaining Jousting and Vaulting shows, and closed joyfully with a performance by Damage.

Tomorrow it’s the kickoff of the Zone B matches, with two great battles: England will face India at 11am, while Chile will battle New Zealand at 2pm. Zone A will continue on Tuesday: Argentina vs. Spain, and the local team will take on USA.


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