The XI World Polo Championship are set to kick off on October 21, in Sydney, Australia. Four teams have already qualified for the event: Australia, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand. Two qualifying tournaments will be held at the end of April and will provide three more spots for the WPC.

ZONE A (1 Spot Available for the WPC):

Zone A is getting closer. North & Central American teams are looking for a place in the final round of the WPC Sydney.

Where: Port Mayaca.
Finals: International Polo Club, Palm Beach.
When: April 22-30th.

Participating Teams:
Guatemala: José Miguel Aguilar (3), Fernando Beltranena (3), Sebastián Aycinena (2), José Ignacio Beltranena (2), Enrique Neutze (2).
USA: Jesse Bray (5), Remy du Celliee Muller (5), Felipe Viana (5), Gerónimo Obregón (4), Jared Sheldon (4), Patrick Uretz (4), Daniel Galindo (2), Robert Herndon (2), Kenneth Wright (2).
Mexico: Valerio Aguilar Sotelo (5), Juan Jose de Alba (4), Carlos Gracida Marin (4), Mariano Gracida Marin (4), Alejandro González Keil (3), Carlos Hernandez Perez (3), Santiago Holschneider Rincon (3), Diego Velarde Villareal (3), Benito Hernandez Perez (2), Victor Setien Valenzuela (2).
Canada: Brandon Phillips (5), Marcelo Abbiati (4), Julian Mannix (4) (*), Kyle Fargev (3), David Offen (3), Robert Stenzel (3), Steve Dalton (2), Brendon Stenzel (2), Andrew Begg (1), Evan White (1).

*Injured. Replacement TBC.

ZONE C (2 Spots Available for the WPC):

Where: Chantilly Polo Club will be organising the Play Offs and the 1st Ladies European Championship.
When: April 28th-May 7th.

Chantilly Polo Club has simultaneously organized the 1st FIP Ladies European Championship, which highlights one of the largest growth areas in polo at present. Ladies’ teams from England, France, Germany & Italy will play on the eight magnificent polo grounds Chantilly has to offer; the tournament finals will be played on May 7 – we will know who claimed the Ladies European Championship and which two teams qualified for the World Championships in Australia.

Participating Teams:
France: Clement Delfosse (5), Pierre Henri N’Goumou (5), Patrick Paillol (5), Edouard Pan (4), Robert Strach (4), Florent Garneau (3), Adrien Le Gallo (3), Julien Reynes (3), Conventin Mauler (1), Alex Sztarkman (1).
Spain: Pelayo Berazadi (5), Mario Gomez (4), Antonio Ayesa (3), Nicolás Ruiz Guiñazu (3), Jose Trenor (2), Luis Benjumea (1).
England: Satnam Dillon (5), Will Lucas (4), Mark Baldwin (3), Henry Porter (1).
Germany: Heinrich Dumrath (5), Thomas Winter (4), Maximilian Bosch (3), Caesar Crasemann (3), Caspar Crasemann (3).

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