Youth Polo Update

The Rocksavage and Jorrocks Finals

The British Junior Polo Championships Rocksavage Series Final took place at Cirencester Park Polo Club today, with the Lutheridge team managing to overcome Longdole Polo Club in a nail-biting game to win the match in the pouring rain. Aleksander Horvat’s pony Tosquita won the Polo Times Best Playing Pony Award.

The Pony Club Championship’s youngest series came to a head today at Hurtwood Park Polo Club. The Jorrocks series saw nine teams, 11-years-old and under, take part in the annual tournament for a plethora of prizes and awards.
The Jorrocks name derives from the editor, novelist and sporting writer Robert Smith Surtees who wrote his contributed to the comic paper Jorrocks’, Jaunts and Jolities, published in 1838. The character Jorrocks was a sporting cockney grocer known for his good-natured artfulness.
The results of the Jorrocks tournament are as follows:
Division One
1st – Grafton
2nd – Cotswold
3rd – Cowdray
Division Two
1st – Crawley & Horsham 1
2nd – Royal Artillery
3rd – Hampshire Hunt
Division Three
1st – Cotswold Vale Farmers
2nd – Beaufort
3rd – Crawley & Horsham 2
The Best Turned Out Prize – The Hampshire Hunt, for their matching hats, bandages and tape!
The Best Girl Player – Ava Greenlands from Cowdray
The Rupert Thorneloe Award for the Best Boy Player – Billy Barlow
Tik-Tak Trophy – Lucas Murphy from Cotswold Vale Farmers
The Polo Times Best Playing Pony – Ginja Ninja, owned and played by Rosie Talbot-Rice
Photograph: The Lutheridge team win the Rocksavage Final in the British Junior Polo Championships

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