Zone C for the 2017 World Polo Championship in Sydney, Australia

Zone C is Chantilly!


Four solid teams, Germany, Spain, England and France (Alexandre Sztarkman 1, Julien Reynes 3, Patrick Paillol 5 and Clément Delfosse 5). The Blues will of course have the advantage of the field, but the opponents are powerful.


Spain with its “Argentines”, England, the country that invented modern polo and hard to imagine them not going to Sydney, Germany with their rising stars, the younger Crasemann brothers. the two European places will be very precious and the matches in Chantilly will be hot, hot, hot! Especially as these play-offs will end, by a ferocious France-England on May 7, a crunch that could be decisive for both teams.


The 2017 First Ladies Championship in Europe:


The Chantilly Polo Club unveils the first European Women’s Championship in history. An unprecedented event that demonstrates the progress of women’s polo throughout the world. There will be four countries competing in this championship: France, Italy, England and Germany.




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