The Chantilly Polo Club will be organizing the Play Offs (qualifying tournament) and the 1st Ladies European Championship from the 28th April till the 7th May 2017.
In the play-offs National Teams from England, France, Germany & Spain will compete to see which two national teams participate in the XI FIP World Championship at the Sydney Polo Club in October 2017.
Simultaneously on alternate days the Chantilly Polo Club have organized the 1st FIP Ladies European Championship which highlights one of the largest growth areas in polo at present. With Ladies’ Teams from England, France, Germany & Italy participating on the eight magnificent polo grounds that Chantilly has to offer culminating in the finals on the 7th May when we will know who will be crowned the Ladies European Champions for 2017 and which two teams have qualified for the World Championships in Australia.

National Teams:

France: Julien Reynes (3), Pierre Henri N´Goumou (5), Patrick Paillol (5), Alex Sztarknan (1). Clement Delfosse (5), Adrien Le Gallo (3), Edouard Pan (4), Florent Garneau (3), Conventin Mauler (1), Robert Strach (4).

Spain: Pelayo Berazadi (5), Nicolas Ruiz Guiñazu (3), Mario Gomez (4), Jose Trenor (2). Antonio Ayesa (3), Luis Benjumea (1).

England: Henry Porter (1), Mark Baldwin (3), Will Lucas (4), Satnam Dillon (5).

Germany: Maximilian Bosch (3), Caspar Crasemann (3), Caesar Crasemann (3), Heinrich Dumrath (5), Thomas Winter (4).

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