13th Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2018

The 13th Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge at the Desert Palm Polo Club is looking forward to a thrilling final next Saturday, 10 February. The worldwide renowned tournament kicked off on Monday with four 8 goal teams. Cartier is presenting the tournament again as title sponsor at Al Albwardy’s Desert Palm Resort and Polo Club. La Martina will be supporting the Most Valuable Player and Best Playing Pony prizes.

After having elaborated and tried a couple of new rules during the 2017 Triple Crown in Argentina, the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP) proved that these rules are now going to be used across all levels of polo in Argentina. Argentina, England and the US worked together to align regulations for several years. In Dubai, where the Gold Cup Series is underway under the HPA ruling, the new rules are already being used. There will be the same new rules in the upcoming season in England.

New rule 1, Blocking Rule: The player hitting in can only be blocked by one person.

New rule 2, Throw-in/Out of boards: No more throw-ins when the ball goes out of the boards, instead a free hit for the team that hasn’t hit the ball out.

New rule 3, Helmet Regulations in England: The most fundamental change is the fact that everyone now has to wear a new safety helmet. In the upcoming season in England, all players have to possess one of the accredited helmets.

Teams 13th Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge: 

Cartier Panthère (Red):
Tiernan O’Rourke (-1), Sam Instone (0), Camilo Castagnola (4) & Martin Valent (5)
Cartier Tank (White):
Clive Reid (-1), Faris Al Yabhouni (0), Santiago Gomez Romero (3) & Santiago Cernandas (6)
Desert Palm (Grey):
Iñigo Zobel (0), Rashid Al Sayegh (0), Rashid Albwardy (2) & Bartolome Castagnola (6)
Zedan Polo Team (Blue):
Rashid Al Falahi (-1), Amr Zedan (0), Tomas Panelo (3) & Raul Laplacette (6)


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