The 2018 season at Ham Polo Club kicked off with a cocktail party at the all new M Bar and Grill. Since opening their first restaurant on Threadneedle Street, M have been supporters of Ham and continue to do so with great enthusiasm. The terrace outside was bathed in sunshine as the players and members caught up over champagne, cocktails and the delicious M canapés. Ham’s new Chairman Howard Davis looked delighted to see all the players back together again and eager for the new season. FIP President Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers was present as well as Polo Manager Will Healy and Stable Manger Juan Cruz Araya Martelli. Huge thanks go to Martin Williams for hosting the event and much anticipation surrounds the M Restaurants polo day later in the season.

For full fixtures of Ham Polo Club 2018 Polo season, click here.

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