To All USPA Members,

As we move through this holiday season and in to the New Year, polo players on both coasts look to gear up for the upcoming season. The USPA wants to remind you to take some time and look over the recently revised Drugs and Medication Rules. Over the last 18 months, the rules have been updated and refined.  All USPA members, at any level of polo from low- to high-goal, arena, grass or Intercollegiate/Interscholastic are subject to testing and compliance under the current rules. Please take the time to refresh your knowledge with the regulations so that you are familiar with the classification of medications that are permitted, restricted or prohibited. The USPA will be testing at randomly picked tournaments throughout the country at all levels over the course of the coming year. A link the current rules is below and a video illustrating the testing process will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Additionally, it should be noted that anabolic steroids were banned as of January 1, 2017. There was a six month grace period instituted to adjust to this new rule at the beginning of last year, and all anabolic steroids officially became a violation as of July 1st of 2017. There is no exception for the presence of these drugs going forward.

While the USPA Drugs and Medication Program has sought to align itself with the accepted programs and norms of other equine disciplines such as racing and show horses, we have done our best to tailor our program to specific needs of all polo horses. We do this for the overall benefit of the horses, the players and the USPA in general. Have a safe season.

Michael Manno, DVM, MS
Chairman, USPA Equine Welfare Committee

 2018 USPA Equine Drugs and Medications Rules

If you have any questions about the Drugs and Medications Rules or Testing Program, please email equinewelfare@uspolo.org.

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