Last weekend a very special tournament took place at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club: the Stephen Chimfunshi Cup. The particularity is that is in aid of Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, a chimpanzee sanctuary located in Zambia. In the sports field, a total of 4 teams up to 10 goals took part of the event. Besides, was the last tournament of the Thai Polo 10-Goal League, which was won by Axus after being the team who got more points in the general table.

The detail of the tournament was the following:
Day 1:
22 BR 5-4 Thai Polo
Axus 4-3 TNL
Day 2:
TNL 8-4 22 BR
Axus 5-1 Thai Polo

After the penalty shootout between Axus, 22BR and TNL, the final standings were as follows:
1) 22 BR
2) TNL
3) Axus
4) Thai Polo
MVP: Michael Taylor.
BPP: Juana, owned by Harald Link.

Thai Polo: Steffanie Schmalz 0, Juan Pedro Girou 3, Juan Martín Gallego 2, Carlos Pando 5. Total: 10.
Axus Polo Team: Brian Xu 0, Brian Orozco 1, Diego Gómez 3, Darío Musso 6. Total: 10.
TNL: Aron Harilela 1, Michael Taylor 3, Damián Marco 3, Santiago Luján 3. Total: 10.
22BR: Claude Haberer 0, Germán Suárez 1, Adrien Le Gallo 4, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5. Total: 10.

Picture Galleries:
Día 1: Thai Polo vs 22BR

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