Cortium returns to the 22 Goal

In the past week, news has been received of a new high goal team to be gracing the UK high goal season, due to commence in the coming weeks. Having been absent in the 22 goal since 2014, Adrian Kirby’s Cortium will take part in this year’s Murus Sanctus Trippetts Challenge, The Cartier Queen’s Cup and potentially The King Power Gold Cup (yet to be confirmed). Kirby will be joined by Juan Gris Zavaleta, 9 goal Nico Pieres and Brit Malcolm Borwick, making this team a real ‘one to watch’.

Photograph: Adrian Kirby’s Cortium will be taking part in the UK’s 22 goal season, with Juan Gris Zavaleta, Nico Pieres and Malcolm Borwick making up the team. By © & Polo Times

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