AAP announce end of season handicaps

The AAP has released the latest handicap changes after what has been an intense Argentine Spring season – where La Dolfina claimed the Tortugas Country Club Open and the 125th Argentine Polo Open, and Ellerstina won the Hurlingham Club Open.

The most notable changes relate to Argentine Open finalist Santiago Toccalino, who went up to 9 goals, and Gonzalito Pieres, who went down to 9-goals after thirteen years with a 10-goal rating.


Up to 8

  • Julián de Lusarreta, after La Dolfina Polo Ranch finished in fourth position of the ranking.
  • Juan Britos and Juan Martín Zubía, after La Ensenada won the playoff match against La Mancha Amadeus for a place in the 2019 Triple Crown.
  • Bautista Bayugar, after winning the Camara de Diputados Cup.

6 to 7

  • Martín Aguerre Jr, Bartolito Castagnola, Santiago Cernadas, Raúl Colombres, Lucas Díaz Alberdi, Santiago Loza, Mín Podestá, Genaro Ringa and Isidro Strada. They will now all have a stronger chance of playing the qualification tournament.

Up to 6

  • Santiago Araya Jr, Tommy Beresford, Jesse Bray, Peke González, Iván Lariguet, Alfonso Pieres and Alejandro Traverso, which also allows them to play the qualification tournament.


Players who went down in handicap

  • Fred Mannix: 9 to 8
  • Lucas Monteverde: 8 to 6;
  • Alejandro Agote, Gonzalo Deltour, Silvestre Donovan and Gonzalo Von Wernich: 7 to 6.


The changes will be valid from January 1st; view all the changes HERE.





The AAP also released the modifications of a total of 60 ladies players.

The most important change relates to Hazel Jackson, who has gone from 9 to 10 goals for the first time ever.

Mía Cambiaso and Milagros Sánchez went from 6 to 7 goals.

View all the changes HERE.


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