Abu Dhabi: International Squad

It is time for a new Triple Crown Championship in Argentina, where ten teams will fight for the most prestigious titles in the world. Among them is Abu Dhabi, a team supported by Faris Al Yabhouni’s organisation and guided in Argentina by La Albertina. Abu Dhabi’s participation in the Triple Crown highlights the organisation’s growth and presence in high goal tournaments around the world.

Abu Dhabi and La Albertina began working together in January 2003, at El Trébol, in the province of Santa Fe, thanks to Hugo Alberto Barabucci, founder of La Albertina. After having played around the world, Barabucci forged a strong relationship with the delegation of polo representatives in the UAE, and as of 2006, became a permanent part of Abu Dhabi Polo Team.


Barabucci and Al Yabhouni’s twelve year friendship allowed the project to grow in Argentina, and in 2015 La Albertina Abu Dhabi was born in Pilar, province of Buenos Aires. Hugo Barabucci and Alfredo Cappella Barabucci played in the Dubai Gold Cup Series alongside Faris Al Yabhouni and his brother Matar Al Yabhouni, and for many years they hoped the Abu Dhabi Sports Council would support the team in the Argentine season. This dream finally became a reality in 2017, and will continue this year in the Triple Crown.

Abu Dhabi Polo Team is an enthusiastic young team, with great potential and high expectations. The team’s principal objective is to once again prove to be a competitive rival. The organisation, founded on friendship, commitment, and responsibility, now prepares for a new challenge.


Abu Dhabi Polo Team: Argentina 2018

  • Nic Roldan: 1
  • Francisco Elizalde: 2
  • Ignacio Toccalino: 3
  • Alfredo Cappella: 4

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