All set at PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club for Lawyers Polo

A new edition of Lawyers Polo, on its 10th anniversary, will be kicking off on Monday in Morocco at PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club. The games will start on Tuesday and the competition will come to an end next Saturday. The tournament will see a total of 8 teams in competition composed by players from all around the world, which is one of the main attractions of Lawyers Polo.


On the other hand, Lawyers Polo 2018 will host the following extra polo activities:

-Tuesday 25th: Opening cocktail.

-Friday 28th: Moroccan night.

-Saturday 29: Closing ceremony and Prize Giving.


Lastly, during the tournament there will also be an art exhibition by Alejandro Moy.


Participating teams:

Cortijo: Luis Nieto (Colombia) 1, Alfredo Vargas (Venezuela) 1, Elspeth Talbot (United Kingdom) 0, Filipe Mendes de Almeida (Portugal) 0. Total: 2.

Shawn Coulson: Juan Vigo (Argentina) 2, Rachid Arfaoui (Morocco) 0, Joel Romero (Argentina) 0, Piero Dillier (Switzerland) 0. Total: 2.

Gavea North: Jacinto Peralta Ramos (Argentina) 2, Guillermo Steta Mondragon (Mexico) 1, Miguel Caetano (Portugal) -1, Gerry Gan (Singapore) 0. Total: 2.

Texas Monthly: Sergio Eguiguren (Chile) 3, Mohamed Filali (Morocco) 0, Paul Hobby (United States) 0, Carlos Portugal Gouvea (Brazil) -1. Total: 2.

Quantocoin: Eduardo Bereterbide (Argentina) 1, Alston Beinhorn (United States) -1, Carlos Rivas (Venezuela) 1, Joseph Fitszimons (United States) 0. Total: 1.

Kerres Partners: Ahmed Moukachi (Morocco) 1, Christoph Kerres (Austria) 0, Martin Magal (Slovakia) 1, Farid Rifaat (Austria) -1. Total: 1.

Bodega Fin del Mundo: José Frías Silva (Argentina) 2, Joachim Feller (Germany) 1, Misty Allen (United States) -1, Rodrigo Sola Torino (Argentina) 0. Total: 2.

Mena Legal: Sidi Mohamed El Mhamdi (Morocco) 2, Dinyar Madon (India) 0, Philip Saame (Germany) 0, Luca Frontini (Italy) -1. Total: 1.


Previous Winners:

Buenos Aires 2008 (Zone A): Mariano Grondona, Jacinto Sicardi, Santiago Daireaux, Dario Penna.

Buenos Aires 2008 (Zone B): Eduardo Bérèterbide (h), Julio Saguier, Sebastián Rossi, Máximo Fonrouge.

Madrid 2009: Christopher Kerres, Justin Fogarty, Alain Clery, Carlos Lucena.

Toronto 2010: Martin Magal, Pedro Falabella, William Stinchcombe, John Offen.

Dubai 2011: Eduardo Bérèterbide, Eduardo Bérèterbide (h), Ali Albwardy, Carl-Eugen zu Oettingen-Wallerstein.

Paris 2012: Daniel Hurstel, Carlos Rivas, Alain Clery, Alfredo Vargas.

Bangkok 2015: Ploy Bhinsaeng, Natthapong Pratumlee, Nuttadhith Sila-Amornsak, Tal Srivaddhanaprabha.

Sotogrande 2016: Piero Dillier, Xavier Doumen, Anil Abraham, Juan Vigo.


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