Amazing Sainte Mesme polo & party

The second edition of the Sainte Mesme Polo Challenge is taking place at Sainte Mesme, the Strom family club, located outside Paris.

The tournament sees four 12-goal teams in participation. After Saturday’s matches, guests gathered to enjoy a fantastic asado and party.


The results on Friday and Saturday were the following:

Day 1, Friday 6th:

Standard 7-6 Red Charm Black

Safir 7-4 Sainte Mesme


Day 2, Saturday 7th:

Standard 5-4 Sainte Mesme

Safir 6-4 Red Charm Black


The Sainte Mesme Polo Challenge comes to an end on Sunday:

1:45pm, FINAL SAINTE MESME POLO CHALLENGE 2018: Standard vs Safir

4pm, SUBSIDIARY FINAL: Sainte Mesme vs Red Charm Black



Standard: Brieuc Rigaux 6, Sterling Giannico 3, Nicolas Lhermitte 0, Leo Valiente 3. Total: 12.

Safir: Jean Claude Legrand 0, Julien Reynes 3, Clement Gosset 3, Clement Toussaint 3. Total: 9.

Red Charm Black: Willy Saget-Johnson 0, Clemente Zavaleta 7, Coco Lepape 3, Claire Frank 0. Total: 10.

Sainte Mesme: Thomas Seboni 0, Santi Tanoira 6, Rober Strom 5, Cyril Durand-Behar 0. Total: 11.





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