This Sunday 18th culminated a new edition of the Juan Carlos Harriott International Cup in the Colonel Suarez Polo Club. The books will say that CS Petroenergia was the Champion, but in the History of the Tournament it will remain as the first edition that was won by a descendant of the great Juan Carlos Harriott. It took three generations for a family member to stay with the Cup. It was Marcos, great-grandson of Juan Carlos and grandson of Alfredo, who along with Ramiro Garros, Ignacio Alberdi and Manuel Plaza de Ayala was crowned Champion.

After winning in the three qualifying matches and winning Area B, CS Petroenergia faced the difficult set of El Amanecer in the final, the unbeaten winner of Zone A.

After six very even and emotional chukkas played in the court 1 of the organizing club, won by 11-10 to take the Cup.

Coronel Suarez Petroenergia (16): Marcos Harriott 3, Ramiro Garros 5, Manuel Plaza de Ayala 6, Ignacio Alberdi 4.

El Amanecer (16): Marcos Goti 3, Claudio Palomeque 3, Juan Cruz Araya 4, Erasmo Goti (h) 6.

Ramiro Garros stayed with the Fair Play award

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In the Low Handicap, CS La Querencia beat La Lucila Quiroga Silos 8-4 and was the Champion

CS La Querencia (9): Bautista Alberdi 1, Segundo Amadori 1, Jacinto Amadori 1, Benjamin Araya 6.

La Lucila Quiroga Silos (10): Ferdinando Courreges 0, Ezequiel Marino 2, Jose Ramon Araya 4, Cristobal Durrieu 4

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