Antelope Captures Vic Graber Cup Against Klentner Ranch

Hilario Figueras, Peke Gonzalez, Santi Trotz and Geoff Palmer found themselves back on the stadium field vying for their chance to bring home a trophy for the Antelope organization. Their opponent, Klentner Ranch, defeated Farmers & Merchants Bank and Antelope Jr. but fell short to Antelope during bracket play. Most Valuable Player Hilario Figueras attributes his performance in the final to focusing on the basics, “My main strategy was to concentrate on hitting the ball smoothly and counting the players on the other team to create opportunities for our team. I am very proud of how the horses went today and how the team performed.”

The Antelope team
The Antelope team

In Antelope’s first matchup against Klentner Ranch during the Vic Graber Cup, Trotz found success for the team by jumping out strong and creating an early lead. Antelope’s strategy proved to be successful again, catching Klentner Ranch flat footed in the first two chukkers of play creating an eight goal lead, 9-1. Klentner Ranch tightened their defence in the third chukker and held Antelope from scoring, but were only able to convert one of their five shots on goal from the field.

Jimmy Wright and Peke Gonzalez
Jimmy Wright and Peke Gonzalez

Antelope came back from halftime with their heads down, ready to solidify their victory. Hilario Figueras scored three more times and was only matched by one goal from their opponent. Klentner Ranch had a small break in the fifth chukker cutting Antelope’s lead. Santi Wulff converted one penalty and two goals from the field in addition to two goals from teammate Jesse Bray, but Gonzalez and Figueras tallied a combined three goals. Justin Klentner scored two in the final chukker of play to help their final count, but Antelope’s early lead was too much to overcome. Antelope rode away with a solid 17-12 victory in the Vic Graber Cup.

Best Playing Pony, Chava for Santi Trotz
Best Playing Pony, Chava for Santi Trotz

“Chava” owned by Santi Trotz won her second consecutive Best Playing Pony of the 2018 12 Goal Tournament Series.

Chukker One: 3-1
Chukker Two: 9-1
Chukker Three: 9-2
Chukker Four: 12-3
Chukker Five: 15-8
Chukker Six: 17-12

The final 12 Goal Tournament of the summer, the USPA Intra-Circuit, begins this Friday with two match games.

12 Goal Vic Graber Cup Rosters
Antelope Jr.
Grant Palmer A
Jim Wright 3
Felipe Vercellino 6
Herndon Radcliff 3

Klentner Ranch
Luke Klentner A
Jesse Bray 6
Santi Wulff 5
Justin Klentner 1

Hilario Figueras 2
Peke Gonzalez 5
Santi Trotz 5
Geoff Palmer A

Farmers & Merchants Bank
Dan Walker 2
Marcos Bignoli 4
Felipe Viana 6
Leigh Brecheen A

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