The Board of Directors of the Argentine Polo Association approved the modifications in the “Polo Game Rules” tested in the last Triple Crown of our country. Therefore, this regulation will be applied effectively from January 1, 2018 in all polo tournaments that are held throughout the Argentine national territory

We recall that some of the main changes in the “Polo Game Regulations” were:

· Remove throw-ins from tables.

When the ball goes out the sides, the game is re-established by the team that did not throw the ball outside. The judge places the ball 5 yards from the board, at the height of where it came from. Opponents should be within 30 yards of the ball.

· Apply the rule known as Off-Side, to eliminate the return to the court by 30 yards.

· Yellow cards

The player who receives a second yellow card in the game leaves the court for 2 (two) minutes net. His team is left with 3 players in those 120 seconds.

· Penalties of 30 yards can not be defended.

· Change the game time.

The chukkers are 6m. 30s. net until the first bell. After it, a maximum of 30 seconds are played or until a goal is scored, the foul is called or the ball goes out.

· Set a time to execute the penalties.

The player has only 20 seconds to execute the fault, after the judge gives the order.

· Limit time for injuries.

The time for the game to resume due to a player’s injury is 5 (five) minutes maximum. That is why the substitute must be ready in the palenque and may enter temporarily until the injured owner can return. The change can only be made when authorized by the judge.

The objective of all proposed changes is based on the intention of granting the game a greater dynamic in pursuit of a better and more attractive show. Likewise, the firm intention is to make polo a sport easier to play and direct.

All the Laws of the Game, with the current modifications, will be able to see them HERE

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