Las Betulas and Puerta Abierta claim the III Argentine Amateur Championship at La Aguada Polo Club


Las Bétulas and Puerta Abierta emerged as the winners of the III Argentine Amateur Championship, within 0-4 goal and 5-8 divisions, respectively, following the finals that took place at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina, on Sunday April 22.


Las Bétulas defeated Libres del Sur 8-4, while Puerta Abierta took a 11-4 win over La Campana.


These have been the results one great busy Sunday at La Aguada:


0-4 goal

Subsidiary II: La Cautiva Escorihuela Gascón 8 vs El Aduar Overplan 5

Subsidiary I: La Campana 5 1/2 vs El Dok 4

Final: Las Betulas 8 vs Libres del Sur 4

Fair Play Award: Tomas Gilligan

MVP: Tomas Allende


5-8 goal

Subsidiary I: Esmowing 14 vs Santa Águeda 7

Final: Puerta abierta 11 vs La Campana 4

Fair Play Award: Miguel Vigano

MVP: Delfin Uranga


Guests were invited with a big asado after the games, on an ideal sunny Sunday at the Novillo Astrada family’s home. And that’s the real spirits of the Amateur Tournament at La Aguada – everybody having fun and a great time with family and friends as well as enjoying such a fantastic sport like polo. Thank you so much everybody for coming! Very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


 TEAMS (0-4 goal)

  • League A

El Dok: Martín Iraola 0, Matías Bosch 1, Mariano Bosch 1, Maximiliano Pistone 2. Total: 4

La Cautiva Escorihuela Gascón: Matías Irribarren 1, Tomás Gilligan 0, Constantin von Rennenkampff 3, Agustín Freixas 0. Total: 4

El Aduar Overplan: Daniel Ruiz 1, Juan Gómez 0, Javier Iuri 0, Nicolás Redondo 0. Total: 1

  • League B

La Campana: Ignacio Bosch 0, Sebastián Ballester 1, Diego Bosch 1, Sebastián Pistone 1. Total: 3

Libres del Sur: Emiliano Nespola 0, Federico Virasoro 1, Christian Condomi Alcorta 2, Augusto Reese 0. Total: 3

Las Betulas: Diego Harriague 0, Tomás Allende 1, Javier Uranga 2, Diego Steverlinck 1. Total: 4


TEAMS (5-8 goal)

Puerta Abierta: Pablo Sahores 1, Marcos Uranga 3, Delfin Uranga 3, Nicolás Noguerol 1. Total: 8

Santa Agueda: Facundo Arrambides 1, Carlos Cabrera 1, Segundo Pizarro 4, Ignacio Aguirre Saravia 2. Total: 8

La Campana: Gonzalo Bianchi 0, Alejandro Savage 1, Jorge Traverso (h) 4, Miguel García Labougle (h) 3. Total: 8

Esmowing: Miguel Vigano 1, Nicolás Pisarenko 1, Marcelo Young 2, Santiago Araya 5. Total: 8


FIXTURE (0-4 goal)

Thursday, April 12

3,30pm: La Cautiva Escorihuela Gascón vs. Libres del Sur

4,30pm: El Dok vs. La Campana

Sunday, April 15

10am: El Aduar Overplan vs. La Campana

11am: El Dok vs. Libres del Sur

12pm: La Cautiva Escorihuela Gascón vs. Las Betulas


Tuesday, April 17
5pm: Las Betulas vs. El Aduar Overplan

Sunday, April 22 

10am, Subsidiary II: El Aduar Overplan vs. La Cautiva Escorihuela Gascón

10am, Subsidiary I: La Campana vs. El Dok

11,30am, Final: Libres del Sur vs. Las Betulas


FIXTURE (5-8 goal)

Saturday April 15

4,30pm: Santa Agueda vs. Esmowing

2,30pm: Puerta Abierta vs. La Campana

Sunday, April 15

10,30am: La Campana vs. Santa Agueda

12pm: Puerta Abierta vs. Esmowing


Saturday,  April 21
12pm: Santa Agueda vs. Puerta Abierta

2pm: Esmowing vs. La Campana

Sunday, April 22 – FINALS

11am, Subsidiary: Esmowing vs Santa Águeda

1pm, Final: Puerta Abierta vs La Campana



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