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On 1 May, Argentine polo players and equestrians gathered to celebrate the Argentine Horse Festival, a symbol of their history and tradition. The unique event took place at Palermo and includes polo, pato, salton, riding and racing, amongst other equestrian disciplines. AAP President, Eduardo Novillo Astrada was on hand to represent Argentine polo, as well as high goal players from across the region.

In other news, due to poor weather, the Final of the Santa Paula Cup has now been postponed until September, as well as the ESPN Evolution Cup. The weather has also had an adverse effect on the Copa de las Naciones, whose matches have been taking place this past week. The Finals will now be postponed until the spring season and it has been decided that the undefeated Argentina will face Columbia in the Final.
The Campeonato Argentino del Interior will return to Argentina between 6 – 12 May at the Tucumán Polo Club and the Tapia Polo Club. Ten teams of between 10 and 16 goals will contest for the 30th annual Championship title, which is scheduled as followed:
Opening Day Matches 6 May:
League A: Tucumán Polo vs C9
League A: Equestrian Gualeguaychú Granazo (Entre Ríos) vs The Willows
League B: Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe) vs Salta Polo
League B: Chapaleufú Escorihuela RUS (La Pampa) vs San Fernando (Catamarca)
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