The USPA Armed Forces Committee is proudly looking forward to hosting the first national military tournament, the USPA National (Arena) Commander-in-Chief Cup, May 26-27, in Lockhart, Texas. Teams of military personnel who have served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force will compete for the inaugural 4- to 8-goal arena title. The Committee is looking for one player who has served in the military to compete on the Air Force team. This is a great opportunity to celebrate all that the Armed Forces has done for the country while competing in a polo tournament amongst peers who have served. If you are interested in taking part in this event, please contact Karl Hilberg at

Tournament details
USPA National (Arena) Commander-in-Chief Cup at Central Texas Polo Association  – 454 Hobby Horse Road, Lockhart, Texas, 78644

Army (8)
Sgt Joe England (A) U.S. Army
Tech Zach Grob (3) U.S. Army
Sgt Paul Knapp (5) Honorable Discharge Army

Marine Corps (8)
LTC Dean Daggett (1) USMC Reserve, Retired
Sgt Chris Jones (3) USMC Reserve
Capt Jake Flournay (4) Honorable Discharge Marine Corps

Navy (4)
CAPT Mike Yermakov (A), U.S. Navy, Retired
LT Alex Jenkins (2) U.S. Navy
CDR Karl Hilberg (2) U.S. Navy, Retired

Air Force (TBD)
Sgt Rob Phipps (2) Honorable Discharge Air Force
Maj Cody Goetz (2), U.S. Air Force

Saturday, May 26
1:00pm ET – Army vs. Air Force
3:00 pm ET – Marine Corps vs. Navy

Sunday 27 May
1:00pm ET – Championship Match
3:00pm ET – Consolation Match

$1,000 per person (includes horse lease and tournament fees)

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