Jaipur, Rajasthan – The second match of the RPC cup had ASC Polo team face Polo Inn & Suites. With a set of good matches to be played on the day, Polo fans were excited and were ready for some good Polo. Already an intense match was played in the morning and now it was time for something more aggressive and intense.

The match between ASC Polo Team and Polo Inn & Suites took place on 13th September at 11:50 am. Polo Inn & Suites were playing with a total handicap of +5. It was going to be an exciting match as both teams were eager to win this match in order to qualify for the semi-finals. ASC Polo team played with Lt Col V Chauhan (+4), Col GS Pandher (+2), Naveen Kumar (+2) and Sep Ravinder (-2). Polo Inn & Suites stood strong with Lokendra Singh Rathore (+3), Tarun Bilwal (+2), Vikramaditya (0), Jaiveer Singh Gohil (0). It was going to be a tough match for both teams as both the teams. An important match that started with 0.5 – 0 with Polo Inn & Suites given the lead because they were playing with less handicap. ASC Polo Team went on from the start had grabbed every opportunity to score. Everyone knew who the winner was after the end of the first half.
ASC Polo team took the lead in the start with a goal from Sep Ravinder, taking the score to 1 – 0.5. After that ASC Polo team just kept on going and they were scoring goals so easily. Naveen Kumar score two goals one after another and took the score to 3 – 0.5. Lt Col V Chauhan also opened his account in the first half and took the score to 4 – 0.5. The first chukker ended with ASC Polo team in the lead by 5 – 0.5. Polo Inn & Suites entered the second half with an intention to decrease the lead but ASC Polo team didn’t let them score a single goal in the second chukker too. With goals from Sep Ravinder, Naveen Kumar and Col GS Pandher, ASC Polo team just dominated the first half and ended the second chukker with a score of 8 – 0.5.
Even though ASC polo team had left Polo Inn & Suites no choice, but they tried their best to recover in the match. But ASC Polo team had something else in store for them. ASC Polo team opened the third chukker with goals from Lt. Col V Chauhan and Sep Ravinder and took their lead to 10 – 0.5. Polo Inn & Suites were destroyed badly but they closed the third chukker with a goal from Javeer Singh Gohil. The third chukker ended with a score of 10 – 1.5. The fourth chukker started and Tarun Bilwal scored, taking the score to 10 – 2.5. ASC Polo team scored a recovery goal, which took the score to 11 – 2.5. Polo Inn & Suites scored a consolation goal and the match ended with ASC Polo team winning the match by 11 – 3.5.

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