Brazil to welcome high goalers for second APPL Challenge at Helvetia Polo Club

The All Pro Polo League (APPL) is on the move! The year 2018 started on a high with a tournament at International Polo Club Palm Beach, in Wellington, USA, and action continued this past weekend in Pilar, Argentina, with the APPL Golden Age 40+ Cup. Now it is time to head to a country bursting with colour and light: Brazil!


All Pro Polo League matches are scheduled for April 21 and 22 at Helvetia Polo Club, Indaiatuba. In keeping with the APPL’s mission to improve the level of polo around the world, some of the best high goal polo players will travel to Brazil to compete alongside local talent.

Ten goalers Sapo Caset and Pelon Stirling, and 9-goaler Facundo Sola, have confirmed their participation and are set to play with Brazilians Pedrinho Zacharias, Aluísio Villela, Olavo Novaes and Willian Rodrigues (all 7-goals).


“We are very happy to take the league there and to have the 10-goalers come play,” tells Javier Tanoira, founder of the All Pro Polo League. “Brazil, a country with such an important polo culture, has to be a protagonist in the current polo movement. We hope to establish a long relationship with the locals. The last 10-goal players to travel to Brazil from Argentina were the Heguys in the year 2000, which means that it has been eighteen years since a 10-goaler played there. I think this exhibition is going to mark a crucial milestone in our relationship and set the tone for the future. We are very excited and have high expectations for the tournament.”



For information on timings and teams, please follow @allpropolo on social media.


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